As an inner-city school with K–8 students, Ziegler Elementary serves students who live in poverty and have diverse needs—from 100 percent free and reduced lunch and nearly 50 percent of students receiving specialized services to homeless kids and immigrant kids learning to assimilate. To help these children succeed at school, at home, and in life, the school turned to The Leader in Me.

Students now want to be at school because they feel a purpose and see themselves as leaders who can make good choices. Upper-grade students take the initiative to be positive role models to help lower-grade students. From kindergarten on up, students take accountability for their own behaviors and keep each other accountable.

W.A. Day Elementary, formally named G.R. Davis Elementary, was a well-performing rural school but wanted to take their school to a higher level and give their students vital skills to thrive in all areas of life. They are doing just that by implementing The Leader in Me. Their students are given ownership for their learning, and all of them engage in leadership roles to help them develop problem-solving, team-building, and communication skills.

In school surveys, students report that they are involved in meaningful learning, and feel safe and cared for. Parents are also highly satisfied with the way the school actively engages their students and gives them opportunities to learn about things that interest them.

IMPULSO is a privately funded public school that gives free education to 300 middle-schoolers in the poorest neighborhood of Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital and largest city . Those providing funding want to prove that, given equal opportunities, children of Montevideo can achieve extraordinary results.

More than half the children that come to IMPULSO live in a highly vulnerable socio economic context. Violence surrounds them. The reading and writing levels of the kids coming into 7th grade were equivalent to 3rd and 4th grade Elementary level, a glaring testimony of the situation.

But this hasn’t deterred the dynamic principal, Fabrizio Patritti, or his well-trained and highly motivated staff, who have adapted into this neighborhood and worked together with the families to overcome these odds. The school opens for 10 straight hours, beginning at 8:00 AM, extending free breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks to all children.

The curriculum matches the dream. They learn science, math, English, liberal arts. That’s the heart of the model: excellence. And it’s bilingual, even though less than 10% have had any systematic contact with English. They’re received with a “good morning” every day, and are taught to learn the language with passion, as just another challenge. And the curriculum also emphasizes life skills. They need them dearly, to lead their lives and gain the courage to imagine a better future for themselves.

Three years ago, over 85% of the students had no concept of basic multiplication. Fast forward to June 2015, and the school is participating at the National Math competitions and students brought home an incredible 5th, 6th and 7th place. In only three years, the school has turned children without a dream into winners.

In an effort to turn around her failing school, Muriel Summers, Principal of A.B. Combs, identified leadership as her school magnet theme based on community feedback. She approached FranklinCovey as a partner in designing, developing and implementing a leadership model for her school, which drew on The 7 Habits and also incorporated Baldridge quality tools and other educational best practices.

A mission of “Developing Leaders, One Child at a Time,” was initiated and children learned how to lead their lives and positively influence others. A few years after beginning this leadership model, enrollment reached capacity with a large waiting list, academic achievement dramatically improved, parent and teacher satisfaction skyrocketed, and student self-confidence soared.

A.B. Combs experienced what they viewed as a complete turnaround, ultimately being named #1 Magnet School in the U.S., twice.

Riverview Elementary School continues its mission to “Create tomorrow’s global leaders” from its growing body of enthusiastic, ever-forward-thinking students. Six years ago, Riverview implemented a trilingual program teaching English-speaking students in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and English during the school day. While the students were thriving with their new trilingual language skills, the staff still felt other key 21st-century skills such as collaboration, communication, and leadership were missing.

The staff felt they had discovered the perfect program to fill this important need when they discovered and implemented The Leader in Me. Since implementing the process five years ago, the school has experienced tremendous success.

Imagine a World...

…where the leadership potential of every child is developed and cultivated regardless of economic or social status, education, home environment, or background.


Simply put,
we need the next generation of:

  • Problem Solvers
  • Communicators
  • Visionaries
  • Risk Takers
  • Innovators
  • Contributors
10,000 hours...

is the amount of time students spend in the classroom over the course of their K–8 education

Something happens, however, when the focus and pressure is solely on academics.

The opportunity is lost to develop the whole child.


We invest in the next generation of leaders—leaders who challenge the status quo, create positive change, encourage others to think differently, speak up, and improve the world around us.

  • 2 million
    students engaged
  • 3,000 schools
  • 53 countries
  • 6 continents

Millions of students around the globe are actively engaged with The Leader in Me and achieving sustainable results.
Through FranklinCovey's Leader in Me process, students are learning how to take initiative, problem solve, engage with others, communicate, have a voice, value differences, and create a future of limitless possibilities.

"The Leader in Me is one of the most inspired efforts taking hold in our schools."

—Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, Drive, and To Sell is Human

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*School data was self-reported and not part of a controlled study.

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